Turning 52!

Every year seems to bring new milestones these days. I do not remember having so many different milestones to track in previous years. I mean, sure, we all plan to have big birthday parties when we hit the various century milestones.

In recent years, well actually, since I got myself sober, I seem to be celebrating a lot more in my life. Today and this month is no different!

So here is to another awesome sober birthday and many more to come!

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Happy Birthday to me!

I turn 52 today. Mostly it is just another day, just like yesterday. Other than yesterday was April Fool’s Day! Does anyone even do anything for April Fool’s Day anymore? Looks like most social media accounts either avoid posting anything or start off with “this post is no joke”!

Lucky for me, I am not an April Fool’s Day baby.

I started my day off with an early morning wake up call for a medical appointment at the University of Alberta hospital. It is unfortunate that I have inherited a family gene that causes a thinning of the wall of the aorta. In case you did not know, the aorta is the largest artery of the human body. If the walls of the aorta get too thin, they can burst and the result can be deadly.

I am perfectly healthy (in my opinion), but feel a bit cursed by this gene. I had a 50/50 chance of inheriting it. Not everyone in the family has it. I lost the die roll.

It has been a long time since my last MRI test to make sure that my artery walls remain a safe width. Honestly, I just got frustrated with our health care system. I was referred to a heart specialist to monitor this condition. It is a genetic disorder so I am stuck with it for life. My genes are not going to suddenly heal themselves and eliminate the mutant gene. And yet, after a set period of time, the specialist “dropped” me and said that I needed a new referral to keep up with the monitoring.

That makes no sense!

Anyway, that is how the system works. Then I started thinking about heart rate training during my long training days of cycling and running. Then I did a VO2 max test. All of that led me to a logical conclusion that if I am pushing my heart and lungs to the maximum, I better make sure that I am as healthy as I think I am.

And luckily or unluckily for me, the clinic booked my appointment on my birthday and I forgot to reschedule it.

Is there a lesson to be learned here? I don’t think so. I guess, don’t be stubborn about your health because you don’t like how the system works. You are only hurting yourself. Technology has changed a lot since my last test and the test was a little more comfortable. Most importantly, I did not have to go through the dye injection process which I don’t really enjoy.

Have you been putting off some sort of medical checkup? Stop procrastinating and get it done!


Yes, I got some presents. Funny enough, they were running presents with a hint of golf.

I have been eying a new Garmin S70 golf watch both for an enhanced golfing experience and better running tracking. And truth be told, my Apple iWatch has been annoying me of late. I’m ready to move on from it but I just have not been willing to bit the bullet yet.

Check out my blog from a couple of weeks ago where I talk about my 25m swim on a cold winter day:

Well, my dear wife bought the S70 for me for my birthday. Why did Dennis cross the road? Because his new Garmin S70 was on the other side!

As far as I can tell, it is a super solid watch for golfers that run. Get your Garmin S70 by clicking on the watch and using my link.

I also received some gel and energy supplements from some dear friends. This is well-timed as my supply is completely out and I have been meaning to go pick some more up.

I have been blessed and honoured by so many birthday wishes already today! Thank-you!

Dennis on the Run

I am happy to report, that the first draft of Dennis on the Run is COMPLETE!

I am now in full editing for the next couple of months. I am still on target for a late-September release. I tried to bump this up a little but then remembered why I targeted late-September. This gives me enough time to get editing, design and marketing all done without being rushed. I also have an anniversary and my wife’s birthday in September, so it is a busy month. And I may have some vacation coming up at the end of the summer. So launching at the end of the month makes sense.

Tentatively confirmed again, the release date for Dennis on the Run is September 28, 2024!!

I am currently at 15 chapters. That includes the introduction and wrap up chapters. I love that! I could end up with 12 or 13 chapters by the end of the editing process. I am fine with either. I am not really superstitious about 13. It might be my second favourite number. I was actually married on the 13th.

I plan to spend most of April in self-edit mode. I have feedback from my coach and mentor, Larissa, to address. We have been working together since September on my writing. I am so impressed with her! My writing has improved by leaps and bounds since I started this process. I really feel like I have an awesome book!

If you are looking for a coach/mentor to guide you through writing a book, Larissa is the one! Contact me for a referral and introduction!!

I also have plans to release a journal or workbook with the book in the fall. I really believe in homework when I am working with my professional network. And I enjoy reading a book that challenges me to do homework while I read through the content. I plan on highlighting self-improvement homework tasks in my book that can be supplemented with my workbook learning plan.

Stay tuned! I am in the early planning process for a workbook or journal.

Training for a marathon

My training for a marathon continues this spring. I only have a couple of weeks left in my training plan which means I am pretty much at the maximum running kilometers over the next couple of weeks.

Training has been hard. I have had a busy spring and making time for running has not always been easy. I have had a lot of early mornings on Sunday to fit in a run. This Sunday was no different. It was Easter Sunday and we had plans to go to Church at 11am. I originally planned to run after Church on Sunday, but my mind had something else in mind. I was up and running by 6:30am and finished my 29 kilometer training run at 10:10am with just enough time to spare to quickly shower and head out the door.

That has been pretty typical for me on my long runs on Sundays. Up bright and early. It is hard but it does leave the rest of the day free for other activities and rest.

I am also training another 3 runs during the week totaling 26 kilometers. That is another 2.5 hours of training during the week. That time adds up!

With my base kilometers built up, I should have enough time in my schedule before race day to start training for a specific time in the race. I would love to finish in less than 5 hours, but truthfully, a 4:30 finish is an excellent goal for me. I have a about six weeks of training still, and I think that is a reasonable goal!

Supporting other authors

I would like to call out and support a couple of fellow authors that have published books recently. Please use my affiliate link to support me and these other authors.

Run For Your Life

As a reminder, Run For Your Life – Lessons Learned From Going the Distance is out and available for purchase. The reviews and feedback on the book have been awesome. Click on the book to purchase!

The Destroyer

My publisher released her second book in The Gatlin Series called The Destroyer.

Here’s a quick highlight of the book from the Amazon (copy and pasted here):

“The Destroyer: Book Two of the Gatlin Series” draws readers into an electrifying cosmic adventure that defies the boundaries of space and time. Alex, having escaped Gatlin once before, believes she has saved the galaxy from the clutches of chaos, only to be yanked back into the heart of a multi-century war. In this riveting sequel, her seemingly perfect life unravels, revealing a dark and vicious reality that threatens not only her existence but the very fabric of the galaxies.

Click on the book 1 and 2 below to purchase!

Rise & Roar

Rise & Roar: Unleash Your Inner Power by Heather LaFond was just released on April 1 and is published by Next Page Publishing Inc., the same publisher that I am working with.

Here is a quick highlight of the book from Amazon (copy and pasted here):

It’s Time for a Reality Check!!

“Women are caught in this trap of believing they should want it all – the flawless body, the high-paying dream job, the ideal family, the picturesque home, and a passionate sex-life. It’s Bullshit!”

Introducing “Rise & Roar: Unleash Your Inner Power,” the debut book of the badass empowerment coach, international speaker, and medium Heather LaFond. This no-holds-barred guide is built for the modern woman who is sick and tired of chasing the elusive perfect life and is ready to embrace her true power.

LaFond calls bullsh*t on the myth that we should want it all in her debut book. She reveals the truth: striving for this impossible perfection only leads to frustration and self-doubt.

In “Rise & Roar,” LaFond delivers a reality check that shatters societal expectations. She challenges readers to reject the toxic narrative of having it all and instead embrace a life of authenticity and self-acceptance. With a no-nonsense approach, she urges women to confront their inner demons, stop the self-sabotage, and reclaim control over their lives.

This empowering book guides you through a journey of self-discovery, helping you uncover and dismantle the limiting beliefs holding you back. LaFond provides practical strategies to rewire your thinking, cultivate a positive mindset, and prioritize your well-being. It’s time to stop apologizing for who you are and start embracing your inner roar.

Get your copy today! Click on the book to purchase!

Wrap Up

And that is a wrap! Some pretty exciting things are happening this year! I am revamping my blog site. I am going to finish and publish my own book. I am going to start exploring the world of podcasts and look at developing my own presentations for speaking engagements.

And I am meeting a ton of new and interesting people in the world of writing and publishing.

Happy Birthday to me! I am looking forward to what the rest of the year has in store for me!

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