Turning 50 – 1 month left

It’s March 2, and that gives me 1 more month until I turn 50. On February 2, I challenged myself to get into the best shape possible for my milestone. This is a follow up to that post.

My weight on February 2 was 169.4 lbs. My weight has been fluctuating between 167 – 169 lbs this year. But overall, I’ve been trending downwards slightly. When I started this journey in early 2021, I was 195 lbs reaching for 200 lbs. It’s not just about weight though, it’s about muscle and stamina and feeling great about myself!

So how did I do in February? Here were some items that I was going to manage and an update:

  • Drink more water. On a typical night, I might have a large Arnold Palmer, a Coke Zero and a Bubly + water. My intention is to cut that down to mostly water and maybe one special drink a night.
    • I improved by 50% on this. Early in the month, I did a good job of drinking more water but towards the end of the month, I got into the habit of drinking more special drinks.
  • Eat healthier snacks. My nightly routine includes a bowl of chips or candy. I plan to reduce this by half. So 3 nights a week I have healthier snacks.
    • Pretty much a fail here. Because of increased activity, I’m snacking in the evenings and I haven’t committed to healthier snacks in the evening. Although I did cut down on chips slightly, and then hit a licorice phase. I’ve also tried using gum and almonds to cut down on bad snacking with minor improvements.
  • Run more. I’ve been mostly walking on the treadmill, with a long run on Sundays. I’m going to add 1 or 2 runs on weekdays.
    • Success! I’ve been able to add 1-2 additional runs a week after work. I also increased the length of long run Sunday.
  • Cross train. Alternatively, I’ll hit the elliptical or rower 1-2 times a week.
    • Success! At least once a week, and sometimes twice I’m hitting the elliptical or rower.
  • Weights. Pushups. Sit ups. Chin ups. Time to hit the core with some valuable extra work!
    • Minor success. I’m hitting weights about once a week. I did hit a personal best last week & yesterday with 5 chin ups! Half way to 10! Nice!!!
  • I’ll also continue to walk and stretch.
    • This never stops. I continue to walk every morning and most lunch hours for 4-5 kms a session. I stretch and use my Theragun at least 3-4 times a week.

I’m definitely looking trimmer. I also have better posture this morning, so that affects the picture.

My weight on March 2 (this morning) is 166.0 lbs. It’s been trending downwards over the last month, so that’s great news. I’m within 1 lb of being a very healthy 165 lbs. I’m still holding some belly fat. That’s hard to get rid of. With a little extra effort in March, I should be ready on April 2 to start my gluttonous 50th binge week! 😊

Welcome to March! March is another hard month, it’s a long month at the end of winter with no stat holidays. But it’s also the last really tough month of winter. April brings better and warmer weather and the promise of springtime!

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