The frustration of being sick!

Every three or four years, in the spring, I get really sick. It is usually bronchitis that hits me hard and hangs around for weeks. The last time it happened, I ended up in emergency, and took short term leave from my job.

It is not fun! I cough non-stop for weeks. My lungs are tight and seemingly nothing helps. As an asthmatic, tight lungs are a terrible feeling. It is a claustrophobic feeling like the walls are closing in on me, crushing my chest. I get very little sleep.

The doctors typically say there is nothing they can do. After a couple of weeks, they are willing to prescribe cough syrup with codeine. But I pretty much have to suck it up and live through it.

I am traumatized by it. Every time I get the smallest cough, I worry that I am going to be sick for weeks. At this point, there is enough history, that I am familiar with what is coming.

I am writing a chapter in Dennis on the Run on the consequences and symptoms of heavy drinking. And for the most part, I feel those symptoms while I am sick. It is a terrible feeling. Tired. Fatigued. Fuzzy brain. Low energy. Headache. Joint pain. Etc. It is a little scary to realize that I felt this bad every day for months while I was drinking.

No one ever gets sick at a good time, right? Being sick comes at the worst of times and this is no different.

Calgary Launch Event

I missed the Run For Your Life – Lessons Learned From Going the Distance launch party in Calgary. I was scheduled to attend and made plans to meet up with family for a rare family dinner afterwards.

I was really looking forward to the event and family dinner.

Alas, I started feeling sick on Thursday, by Friday I was fairly sick and ready to cancel but I still held out hope that by Saturday morning I might be able to travel. I woke up on Saturday and instantly cancelled any plans.

The launch event looks like it was a blast. I missed out on meeting a couple of the authors that I have not met yet. The running club in Calgary is starting a new book club and Run For Your Life is their first book. I missed out on an opportunity to network and mingle with fellow runners.

Also, spending time with the other authors is so much fun! They are an incredible group!

Weekend plans

I spent the weekend in bed or on the couch. I watched all of the sports and brainless Netflix specials that I could to pass the time.

Golf. Hockey. Golf. UFC. Hockey. Formula 1. Golf.

Is it cake? – S3. Physical 100 – S2. THE MAGIC PRANK SHOW with Justin Willman.

Not a lot of thinking or mental capacity needed for that kind of content. I am extremely bored. I am kind of stuck in stasis until I start feeling better.

Training stalled

Unfortunately, since Wednesday last week, my marathon training is stalled. With a bad cough and tight lungs, I cannot run. I can barely walk around the house without going into a coughing fit.

I missed almost 40 kilometers of training in the last five days. I am at the peak of my training with maximum weekly kilometers. Taking a break right now is not ideal. However, with the training I have achieved, I am almost in race shape. As long as I do not stay sick for very long, I should be able to complete the Calgary Marathon in late May.

However, my goals of training for a 4.5 hour marathon might be gone. I definitely cannot do any speed training for a higher race pace right now. I will be lucky if I get better in the next four weeks and I am able to train again before the race.

If history holds, I could be sick for weeks. My marathon is in jeapordy…and that makes me very sad.


The weather is finally nice enough to hit the real courses and get to a range. My golfing buddies are booking tee times. And I am tentative for all of them.

Unfortunately, I am too sick for golf right now. It is a real bummer. Like many golfers, I have been waiting all winter for spring golf. It feels the same as having to cancel a vacation last minute. It sucks!

I would prefer to hit the ground running and get a great early start on real golf. Alas, it is not meant to be. I will have to remain patient.

Emotional response to being sick

As you can tell, getting sick is not just a physical condition, but it is mental as well.

Getting sick in April is one of the worst times for me. Spring is here. I want to be outside. I miss my walks with Jack already. I am missing training runs. I am missing golf. I missed the Calgary trip. I do not have the energy to practice drums.

I just sit around and watch the television.

My writing is slowed. Being this sick only results in missing out on my favourite things. Instead, I have to lie around on the couch or in bed and cough.

I am sad and disappointed and exhausted.

But I have to try to stay positive. This is no different than going through an injury or another hardship. It is temporary. I know that it is not life threatening. I feel terrible, but there is an end. I just do not know when that will be.

I have to stay grateful and try to stay mindful. I cannot allow my mind to catastrophize. It is really easy to think that I will have to cancel my whole summer. This could really set me back. But that kind of thinking will not help. It only weakens my mind as much as my body is weakened right now.

So, I am trying not to freak out. I write a little bit and then take a break. I work a little then take a break. I make a little lunch and then take a break. Baby steps. Hang in there and give my body the best chance to recover as quickly as possible. Celebrate the small victories.

I was able to finish up editing two chapters for Dennis on the Run. But editing is a little slower than expected. I am a little behind schedule but hopefully it will all work out as I regain my strength.

Wrap Up

I hope you have enjoyed the increase in my blog writing. I have upped publishing from once a month to every week on Tuesdays. This is a bit tougher this week since I am sick and so tired.

The hardest part is coming out of the winter blues into a season of being sick. The winter blues are extended for me until I can get better.

Enjoy the spring time weather! Hopefully, I am right behind you!

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