February Favorites – Movies

First off, kudos to anyone who creates social media full-time on a part-time schedule. It can be really hard to prioritize and make time for writing and sharing on part-time hours. The funny thing is that I’m always thinking about it. What’s my next post? What’s my next topic? Do I have enough for a […]

February Favorites – 3

I hope you’re enjoying February. For me, it’s the toughest or second toughest month of the year. both February and March represent a time that I’m tired of winter, I’m tired of being inside, and tired of indoor hobbies. I’m ready for outdoors and I’m ready for sun! But winter means a lot of video […]

February Favorites – 1

I thought I’d kick off February Favorites with sports, sports teams and players. It’s a pretty easy category but some of my favorites might surprise you! 1. Golf First off, is golf. It’s a sport that I love to play and love to watch on tv. I’ve been a golfer since a very early age. […]

February Favorites – Intro

In January, I introduced myself with 2 posts a week. I reviewed 2021 in my 4-part series called Hindsight is 2021. I really hope you enjoyed that series. I certainly did. I shared a lot about my experiences in 2021 thru the pandemic and shared some of my passions. In February, I’ll keep things lighter […]