Goodbye 2022!

It’s the end of another year. My first year of blogging comes to an end. If 2021 was about change and new habits, 2022 was about adjusting to those changes and finding my new self. Here are some quick highlights and lessons learned from the year. Blogging I had a lot of fun blogging. At […]

2 years sober

December 17, 2020. That’s the last day that I had an alcoholic drink. I started my sober journey on December 18, 2020. It’s been 2 years of sobriety and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’m catching up on some Reader’s Digest magazines and the November 2022 edition had an article called Buzz Kill and […]

Movember 2022 – Final

Movember 2022 was awesome! I ran a really exciting campaign with a goal to raise $1,500 and match every dollar with 1 minute of activity. Goals met! Final ‘mo picture Looking good!!!

Movember 2022 – Week 3

November is flying by!!!! Week 3 of Movember was fantastic! I reached my fundraising goal, the weather was beautiful, I got my indoor cycle trainer setup, and my new glasses came in! Christmas lights are up; ‘Tis the season…almost! We’re about 75% thru November. Here’s an update on my goals for the month: Activity Update […]

Movember 2022 – Week 2

Movember 2022 week 2 is in the books. I’m very thankful that the weather has improved a little and we’re out of the deep cold. We’re halfway thru November and my campaign is going amazing! This week, I setup my road bike with my internal trainer. I’m very excited to be able to put on […]

Movember 2022 – Week 1

It’s hard to believe that week 1 of Movember is already in the books. Here’s a recap on the week. Thanks to all of my beautiful friends and supporters, I’m more than 50% complete my goal already. We’ve raised $840/$1,500 so far! At this point, I feel like I need a cool name for my […]

Movember 2022

It’s November and that means it’s Movember! I’m participating and raising money again this year. I really appreciate your support either by donating or sending some encouraging words! I shaved my face and head and I’m running chia-Movember again (before and after picture below). I’ll be matching donations with minutes of activity; $10 donation = 10 minutes of […]

Living Tired

I’m tired, both physically and mentally. It’s normal for this time of year. I love the summer and I stuff as many activities as I can during the summer months. So when fall comes, I’m tired. This year, it’s more than that. Life is busy. Work is busy and stressful. Relationships are hard. Self care […]

How biking and running change the way I see roads?

It’s interesting to see how my views on driving changed since I started running 2 years ago on city streets and recently I started to cycle. I live in a nice neighbourhood with plenty of families and kids on the sidewalks. There are 2 schools within blocks of my house. And as a pedestrian, dog […]

How did I get here?

I’m a runner. I completed my first marathon last year. I was doing 20+ km every week on long run Sunday. I completed a very successful training campaign for the Calgary half-marathon in late May. I ran an aggressive 1:57 half marathon and added a quick 5km in 27:58 on the same day (fun add-on […]