One week later

Run For Your Life – Lessons Learned From Going the Distance launched on Friday, March 15, 2024. Hundreds of books are in the hands of readers! Soon, I’ll be able to say over 1,000 copies sold!

If you have not picked up your copy yet, here is my Amazon affiliate link:

So, how was my first week of being a brand new published author?


The last week was also exhausting, a bit scary, and uncomfortable. I found myself in new unchartered waters and I was treading water. I have never been through publishing a book so it was impossible for me to know what to expect or to prepare for it. I was largely surviving on the adrenaline from the excitement of being published in this awesome collaboration!

This experience will help me prepare for my own book launch in the fall. I know more about what to expect and how I will feel. I am making some pretty important contacts now that will help me in the future!

You can read more about my personal launch event in my last blog post:

Run For Your Life – Sales and Author Excitement

Most of the authors have never met in person, only virtually on teleconference calls during the writing process. We also started a Facebook DM group so that we could chat and encourage each other.

What do you think happens in that group once the book was launched?

At one point in the first 48 hours, the book hit #1 in three Amazon categories and we were going wild! The chat messages were whizzing by like cars on a highway!

I am sure that everyone in the group did the same thing and went back to the book on Amazon and refreshed the listing to get new statistics on the book to find out where the book appeared on the charts on launch day. The chat was filled with updates on the Amazon charts as the book slowly climbed to the #1 spot!

We stayed #1 in Running and Jogging for the first week! What an accomplishment! The book currently has ten x 5 star reviews and is still tracking well on Amazon. We are trending on the charts with some well established books and authors.

And the book is #1 – #3 in hot new releases in each of those categories!

I ended day one with this message to my fellow authors: OMG. What a fricking day! I loved sharing this with you. I love you guys! Good day! Good night! Good job! We’re awesome!!

Audreys Books Launch Party

On Saturday, March 23, the publisher and authors attended a launch party at Audreys Books in Edmonton.

Top left: That is me, signing my chapter which starts on Page 71!
Top middle: A very excited fan gets their book signed!
Top right: My city councilor Keren Tang showed up and celebrated with us!
Bottom: The publisher and many of the authors pose for a photo op!

Attending the book signing was so much fun and such an amazing experience. And it is worth stating again:


I had so much fun. My wife said I was glowing! After the readings were done, a few people came up to me and thanked me for my story. There were a number of folks in the room that mentioned their sobriety and that they connected to my message. I really appreciated their kind words and encouragement.

You can find a video of my Audreys Books reading here:

Pamela H on YouTube commented “I enjoyed your reading at Audrey’s book club. You were engaging and funny. I felt your sincerity in your struggles and road to recovery. Can’t wait for your full book to come out.”

Thanks Pamela H!

Is there anything better for a writer than to hear that your words made a difference or touched someone?

One of the best parts was meeting all of the other authors for the first time in person and hanging out. We got to share this experience together and it was amazing. We scrambled around before the event started trying to get our books filled with signatures as well! I am only missing four signatures from the authors that could not make the Edmonton launch.

The best thing out of this experience is finding new friends!!! We are such an awesome collection of people with amazing stories to tell! I am so impressed by this group!

What’s next?

There is a Run For Your Life launch party in Calgary on April 6. I have committed to travelling down south to attend that event. I am looking forward to it. If you are in Calgary, you can sign up for that launch party here:

I am also finishing my first draft of Dennis on the Run this week. I have one more chapter to finish drafting and then the “wrap up” outro. Then, officially, I go into full editing mode in April! I am on track to release my own book this fall!

My publisher, Larissa Soehn, is releasing a new book of her own called The Destroyer and you can sign up and attend her virtual launch party on Saturday here:

Wrap Up

What more can I say?

I am on a thrilling and exciting journey. I learn something new about myself every day. Writing is so freeing even if it is uncomfortable and scary when I reveal my inner self and become vulnerable to you, my readers.

I have received some wonderful comments and feedback from my readers. I really appreciate that. Thanks for taking the time to get in touch with me. If you enjoyed my chapter, please get in touch with me. I started a happy file with your feedback!

You might get featured in a future blog or on my website like Pamela H above or Randy who had this to say:
“All I can say is…”totally inspiring “…. Way to go… I like your writing style, especially the vulnerability….Way to go!!!!!”

Thanks Randy!

Once again, if you have not picked up your copy yet, here is my Amazon affiliate link:

Until next time, remember – You will be changed forever if you take that next step towards a healthier lifestyle…!

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