Movember 2022

It’s November and that means it’s Movember! I’m participating and raising money again this year. I really appreciate your support either by donating or sending some encouraging words!

I shaved my face and head and I’m running chia-Movember again (before and after picture below). I’ll be matching donations with minutes of activity; $10 donation = 10 minutes of activity. Last year, I matched 1km of run/walk with every $10 donated.

So I’m mixing it up a little this year and upping the ante a little.

I was also personally impacted by cancer this year as my father was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and went thru chemotherapy this summer. Although, it’s not prostate or testicular cancer, men’s health hits closer to home than ever!

Here’s a small tidbit for you:

  • Globally, a man commits suicide every minute. Movember is encouraging moving 60 km in November to represent the 60 men we lose to suicide each hour, every hour across the world. (source:

I’m dedicating a run/walk/bike/elliptical/row in November for your donation (within my abilities). Donate $10-$40 and I’ll dedicate KMs of walking for you. Give $50 and I’ll dedicate a 50 minute workout for you. Give $100 and I’ll dedicate 100 minutes long run or long bike Sunday to you. My goal is to raise $1,500 again, which is 1,500 minutes of activity in November. That’s 50 minutes a day!

In fact, I already completed my first 50 minute workout for my first $50 donation. Thanks Sarah!!

This is all for a great cause of raising awareness for men’s health; both mental and physical health as well as awareness for prostate and testicular cancer.

Here’s a link to my Movember site if you would like to donate:

If you missed my blog on my journey into NFTs, here’s a quick reminder. Movember ran a campaign this year with non-fungible testicles and I bought a pair. Actually I bought a pair of pairs! They ran a campaign where you added additional components to your testicles if you “checked” up on them. It was a very clever campaign. I’m proud of my Movember balls. And I learned a ton about crypto and NFTs in the process.

This is a good reminder for my male readers, check your balls!

Welcome to November! Have a great day!! And to all my supporters, I appreciate you! . I’m also hoping to blog all month with updates on my activity and men’s health facts. So please follow along!

$90/$1,500 raised so far!

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