Movember 2022 – Week 3

November is flying by!!!! Week 3 of Movember was fantastic! I reached my fundraising goal, the weather was beautiful, I got my indoor cycle trainer setup, and my new glasses came in! Christmas lights are up; ‘Tis the season…almost!

We’re about 75% thru November. Here’s an update on my goals for the month:

  • $1,525 / $1,500 fundraising goal. GOAL MET! Amazing!
  • 24 hours / 25 hours towards my activity goal. I’m on track to exceed my activity goal of 1,500 minutes in November. I’m approximately 80 minutes behind matching minutes to my fundraising. I’ll be all caught up this week!
  • My ‘Mo is starting to look pretty impressive! And the new glasses are looking good!

Activity Update

I definitely upped my activity this week and ended with a mock Olympic Triathlon (1.5k swim, 40k bike, 10k run) with a 40 mins row, 90 mins cycle and 1 hour run on Sunday. With $1,525 raised, that maps to 25.4 hours of activity and I’m sitting at 24 hours for the month. Here’s an update on my activity tracking:

  • Cycling: 5.7 hours
  • Rowing: 1.7 hours
  • Running: 3.5 hours
  • Walking: 8.3 hours
  • Workout: 5 hours (elliptical)

That works out to 1,446/1,525 minutes of my goal. I’m 79 minutes in activity behind my fundraising goal but I’ll be all caught up by mid-week.

Walking and potential product of the year

You’ll see a lot of walking in my activity. I love to walk; both outside and on the treadmill. One of the problems I have in the winter is trying to walk with my poodle Jack. Poodles have long skinny legs and I’ve had issues trying to find booties to keep his feet warm in the winter that stay on. I finally found the perfect boots for him. With a couple of walks under our belt, I’m confident that these boots from Walkee Paws are one of my best buys of the year.


23 months! I’ve been sober for 23 months and I’ll hit my 2-year anniversary next month. I’m really proud of myself. I finally made a change in my life that was required and overdue. I tried cutting down on booze many times without much success. I’m 110% healthier in the last 23 months. I’ve likely extended my life by a decade by being sober and fit!

One of the things that you realize when you go sober is that public restaurants and bars don’t have much for the sober group. It’s sad. This week, I watched a Netflix show called Drink Masters. Ironically, it’s a showdown of bartenders. One of the shows had a pair of bartenders that made a mocktail and stated how sober people should be included in the bar experience. They took the time to discuss how important it is that bars and restaurants are inclusive. That really hit me. The truth is that I feel forgotten at an alcoholic establishment. My choices are normally: water, pop or juice or a Shirley Temple. It’s an afterthought.

This weekend was a perfect example. We went to a beautiful restaurant (Brasserie Bardot) with an awesome menu with my in-laws to celebrate my brother-in-law’s 75th birthday. (Happy Birthday Stan!) I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the restaurant and the menu was well thought out. The restaurant had a huge alcohol menu with no specialty sober drinks; just pop and juice. Regardless, it was a wonderful family dinner, and my wife and I will be back to try other things on the menu. But it’s time that restaurants and bars become more inclusive of drinkers and non-drinkers. Am I right?


Next up: I’m going to look into homemade mocktails! I’m scouting a few Mocktail books and I’m looking forward to this new world of tasty mocktails! So I intend to make my house more inclusive as well and treat myself and my guests to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks!

Wrap up

There is one week of November left! My Movember fundraising has hit a bit of a wall since I hit my goal. I think that’s ok. I hope these weekly updates were enjoyable and added value. Blogging is actually a lot of work and it takes time to put together weekly blogs, but I’ve enjoyed it. It’s fun tracking stats and providing goal updates. It’s a constant reminder to myself of why I’m doing it. I’m passionate about my health and men’s health in general.

My message this week, to all my male friends, is check yourself. Check your testies for bumps and changes! Check your body for changes and moles! Check your body while you soap up in the shower for bumps and masses. Early detection is super important. Get a yearly physical checkup and get bloodwork done. Take care of yourself! Sending you my love this Movember!

1 week to go! It’s not too late to donate and help me reach a new personal best in Movember fundraising!

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  1. What an awesome post Dennis. Really enjoyed reading it. So proud of you, your dedication to sobriety and commitment to fitness. Congratulations Love Mom

  2. Another great blog, Dennis! You are truly living your best life. Ray and I also feel so much better without drinking alcohol. Ginger beer has become the most common choice of beverage at restaurants but Earl’s and Cactus Club have some really tasty mocktails too! I bought some Seedlip non-alcoholic spirits recently but haven’t tried it yet.
    I LOVE Jack’s new booties. Ha ha He must be the “best-dressed” pooch at the doggie parks.

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