Movember 2022 – Week 1

It’s hard to believe that week 1 of Movember is already in the books. Here’s a recap on the week.

Thanks to all of my beautiful friends and supporters, I’m more than 50% complete my goal already. We’ve raised $840/$1,500 so far! At this point, I feel like I need a cool name for my regular supporters. You are so awesome and I appreciate your support and commitment to support me during Movember!

I’ve decided to dedicate myself to the Movember moustache for Chia-Movember this year. A lot of people expect to see a moustache and while I like the thought of a wholesale chia-Dennis for the month, I feel like I can talk more about Movember by growing out my moustache. I don’t think a moustache suits me, but hey, it’s only one month out of the year.

My hair is already growing!!

One thing I forget is how cold my head gets without any hair. Unfortunately, the weather took a real turn for the worse in Edmonton in November. We’ve had a ton of snowfall and the temperature has been cold. So I picked up some toques this weekend to keep my noggin warm!

My goal this year is to match each $10 worth of donation with 10 minutes of activity. With a goal of $1,500, that works out to 1,500 minutes of activity in November, which is 50 minutes a day. That maps to 25 hours of activity in November.

I found the first week of November very challenging. The weather got worse, and I found myself with a little less energy in the morning and less time during the day to work out.

Still, I managed to get 5.8 hours towards my goal of 25 hours. And that includes my effort of a mock triathlon on Sunday with: 30 mins row, 1 hour of cycling and 40 mins run. It was fun!

Here are my totals for the week. Not bad, but that’s a super low walk count for me. Looks like I only fit in a couple of walks last week due to the weather and being busy. I’m disappointed in my reduction of workout hours from last week, but in hindsight, I also remember being tired and with a lack of energy last week. It’s important that I listen to my body when I need a break and let myself take it. I did add a lot of steps and effort with clearing snow though!!!

  • Cycling – 1.8 hours
  • Rowing – .5 hours (30 mins)
  • Running – .7 hours (40 mins)
  • Walking – 1.1 hours
  • Workout (elliptical) – 1.6 hours

I’m very inspired by Movember and I’m super happy that I’ve decided to make Movember a yearly part of my life. November is a super tough time of the year for me. The weather changes from fall to winter/snow; daylight disappears; fall back messes with our schedules; we spend more time inside as the weather worsens and roads get treacherous. Overall, it’s a tough transition from enjoying the outdoors to spending more time indoors. I hope that you are all managing and finding creative ways to stay active!

I want my family, friends, co-workers and readers that you are loved, you are appreciated, and I hope the best for your mental and physical health. Please take care of yourself. Thanks for your support!

If you are interested, you can support my Movember campaign here:

For my family and friends, I also launched a Facebook fundraiser for the first time. If you want to donate, you can find my fundraiser on Facebook and donate thru there.

Stay warm! Stay active! And take care.

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