Movember 2022 – Final

Movember 2022 was awesome! I ran a really exciting campaign with a goal to raise $1,500 and match every dollar with 1 minute of activity. Goals met!

  • I raised $1,580!!
  • I had 2,178 minutes of activity!!
  • And hopefully thru my emails and blogs, I brought attention to men’s health.

Final ‘mo picture

Looking good!!!

Walking in the cold

It’s been colder this week, but I didn’t let that stop me. Jack and I got out for walks still. His new booties from Walkee Paws are amazing. It was -17C yesterday, and even colder in the wind. That’s the coldest Jack has ever been out for a walk and his paws were perfect warm and safe! Loving this purchase.

Here’s a picture from our walk today. Brrrr! Look at Jack the diva looking off into the distance! What a pet model!

Final activity breakdown chart

At the end of November, I accumulated 2,178 minutes of activity which is 36.3 hours. With 30 days in the month, that’s an average of more than 1 hour per day!! I put in a little extra for my Movember campaign, especially on long run Sunday! This Sunday was a huge workout day with: 1 hour rowing, 1:45 hrs cycle and 45 mins running for a grand total of 3 hours and 30 minutes.

  • Cycling – 8.2 hours
  • Rowing – 2.7 hours
  • Running – 5.1 hours
  • Walking – 13.7 hours
  • Workout – 6.6 hours (elliptical)

Phew! I’m looking forward to a little break in December as a treat to myself!

New sunglasses

My glass prescription changed this year and I was due for new glasses and new sunglasses. You can see my new glasses above. They’re transitions so they darken in the sun and bright snowy weather. I switched from Ray Ban to Oakley this year.

I’m looking pretty good in these throwback Oakley sunglasses. What do you think? Top Gun? George Michael? Policeman?


It didn’t take me long to jump right into making mocktails at home. I ordered a book and quickly picked up a bunch of supplies! So far, it’s been a big hit.

My first mocktail was the aperol-less spritz. I also tried a mock-jito and an easy breezy this week. The mocktails are refreshing and make sobriety a little more fun with a little bit of effort.

Alberta Blue Cross Faces of Wellness Grand Internal Winner

Wow, that’s a super impressive title!

I’m happy to share that I’ve been awarded as the internal grand winner of the Alberta Blue Cross faces of wellness award for 2022. I was nominated by my good friend Sandie for the external campaign. However, as an employee, I’m not eligible to win the external award.

But to my surprise, someone internally also nominated me, and the committee saw fit to declare me the internal winner. I’ve known for about a week now but I had to wait until it was announced to share.

I’m very humbled by this news. And I cried almost all afternoon after I found out. There are so many amazing people at Alberta Blue Cross; I can’t believe I’m the grand internal winner! I’m incredibly honored by this. I’m amazed that my actions towards my own wellness and sharing with others has been noticed.

Movember Wrap-up

I want to thank my friends, family and co-workers at Alberta Blue Cross that supported my Movember campaign. Thanks also to anonymous; an annual donor to my campaign!

We’ve raised over $1,500 for Movember 2 years in a row. I’m overwhelmed by the messages of how you’ve been impacted by prostate cancer, testicular cancer and/or men’s mental health. I’m inspired by you!

I really enjoyed fundraising this year. Blogging certainly helped as it kept me more involved in my own campaign. It made November less depressing.

But just because it’s the end of Movember, our fight doesn’t stop for awareness of prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s mental health. Let’s stay vigilant and remember that early detection and supporting each other is the key to wellness!

Blog Update

I’m excited to announce that I just renewed my website and WordPress license. I’m planning to blog into 2023! Movember has really invigorated me.

Stay tuned in December for my top 10 products of 2022! These are my favorite things that I’ve bought in 2022 or my favorite companies!!

Peace and love to you all and thanks for your support!

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