Lessons Learned From Going the Distance

Run For Your Life – Lessons Learned From Going the Distance launched on Friday, March 15, 2024. I am a published author and so very proud!

Here is my affiliate link if you haven’t bought your copy yet:

For lack of a better word, I am in the hangover stage of the launch. I am tired. I am exhausted. I am mentally and emotionally spent. I am lacking energy. I am in IT, so the feeling is eerily similar to the week after a massive Go Live of Software. You body and mind are in heightened awareness for the days or weeks leading up to the launch or go live and then instantly, your brain and body relax. Boom! Apparently there is a term for this called the post-event blues.

Thanks to everyone who has bought a book using my affiliate link. I had hoped to sell a few more copies, but I sold enough to be accepted into the Amazon Affiliate program. So thanks. Every book that you purchase using my link provides me with a little tiny Amazon commission. I appreciate your support. And feel free to share my link with your friends and family.

Yet, the work does not stop. Just like sobriety does not stop. Each day I make a decision to stay sober. I have had television-type moments when the person on tv starts drinking again. It is through the strategies that I will outline in my book to be published this fall that I stay sober every day.

Run For Your Life – Book Launch

I was lucky enough that my wife had the sense to film my book launch reading at my private launch event with family and friends.

Check it out!

The party was super fun and well attended by family and friends. My wife ordered this amazing cake with a topper that looked exactly like the Run For Your Life book cover!

Dennis on the Run

I am at the end of writing the first draft of my book – Dennis on the Run! This is an exciting time! I have been working on my book since September 2023. Seven months of writing weekly through thick and thin. I finished up my last two draft chapters in the middle of launching Run For Your Life.

It is an interesting feeling…being completely exhausted and fully motivated at the same time.

I still need to write an introduction and a wrap up chapter and then I start the editing process. I have ten chapters written. I have editing feedback on all of them that I have not addressed yet. I have been working with my coach, mentor and publisher Larissa since September, weekly, to discuss my content and my book.

With so much work still to go, it feels oddly anti-climatic to be almost done an initial draft of my book. Still, I should allow myself to celebrate this significant victory!

Etsy Store

My Etsy store saw a bump in sales from the authors of Run For Your Life as I posted a shirt for the book. Since then, my other listings have slowly been expiring. I am about four months into my time on Etsy and that is how long a listing lasts when you post it if there are no sales.

I am slowly rethinking my branding and shirts available on the store. I am working with a new distributor in Canada to be able to provide golf polos and sports wear. (COMING SOON!)

I have reworked a couple of my designs and ordered samples. They look great!!! In fact, a rare steampunk owl shirt was spotted at my launch party!!

If you have a chance, check out my store and order a shirt today!

Visit my store today and get your t-shirt. Or contact me if you want to work through a custom design for your family. In the meantime, I am my own best customer!


I am also in the middle of marathon training. I signed up for my second marathon in May 2024 in Calgary. It will be the second time that I run the Calgary marathon.

After an exhausting launch week and weekend (okay, you get it, I am tired!), I still had long run Sunday. And my run sessions are getting longer. I am running 30 kilometers or more on Sundays. That is over 70% of a full marathon during my training. My weekly kilometers are over 50 kilometers per week.

In the spirit of Run For Your Life – Lessons Learned From Going the Distance, here are my top lessons learned from my run on Sunday:

  1. Do not blame your watch when your gloves aren’t screen friendly, and you accidentally select open water swim, and your watch locks you out because water mode is enabled and you need to press and hold the crown control to stop your swim. Not only did I run 30 kilometers on Sunday, but I added 25 meter, 1 minute swim to my workout!
  2. Do not drink 24 ounces of coffee in the morning of your long run. What goes in, must come out! I had to make three emergency pee stops on the side of the road during my run. Lucky for me I was running on some secondary roads that were not too busy and had healthy and mostly hidden ditches.
  3. Check for wind before you leave. I have the weather on my watch and can see the highs and lows for the day as well as the general weather conditions. But I always forget to check the wind conditions. That is a little surprising considering my writing on windy days. Yet there I was on Sunday, running and surprised by the heavy and cold spring wind. I mostly dressed for the weather so I was okay. The first part of my run was against the wind, so in typical fashion, I cursed the wind on my first half, and barely noticed it on the second half of my run.
  4. Spring means that the geese are back in my community. They frequent our overflow ponds and there are many paths that I regularly run by the ponds. Sunday was no different as I slowly ran past a couple of geese that looked at me with their leery eyes…and the male’s neck was bobbing. If you grew up in Canada, you stay away from bobbing geese. They mean business!
  5. Pacing on a treadmill versus running on the pavement are totally different. My last outdoor run, I did not manage my pace very well and went out too strong. I ran my training session closer to race pace which is a not ideal this early in training. So I was very careful about my pacing on Sunday. But that meant constantly checking my watch. Once for pace. How am I doing? Then again to check heart rate? Darn it, I just finished a segment. How many total kilometers am I sitting at now? My run was a constant battle seeing the stats on my watch. I am pretty much ready to hang up the iWatch and move to a Garmin for running and for golf. I just find myself annoyed at my iWatch nearly every day, especially since Apple decided to change all of the buttons on the iWatch in a recent update. *BARF*
  6. Finally, surviving 3.5 hours of running on the pavement with your mind going crazy from the events of launch week and your launch party is hard! I wrote about this in my last chapter in Dennis on the Run, so you will have to wait to hear more. In short, my brain ruminated on so many things from the week that I had a problem staying in the moment. By the end of the run, tears were flowing down my cheeks. It is all good now. One of the things about endurance sports during training is the sheer amount of time that you will spend alone. My best strategy: You need to prepare for these times through meditation and mindfulness. In fact, meditation and mindfulness will prepare you for most situations of awkward silence when your brain starts going crazy with that internal speak you dread.

So, there you have it, real lessons learned from really going the distance!

The Throw Up Story

No blog is complete without a poop or throw-up story. Luckily I have a throw-up story. What can we learn from a dog vomit story? Keep reading to find out!

My wife and I had finally settled down for the evening on Sunday. We reheated up leftovers from the party. We were ready to relax on the couch for the evening.

There we were eating dinner and our youngest dog, Jack, jumps off the couch to the middle of our den, and starts gagging. Ugh! A quick Google, just to remind myself, indicates that Poodles have sensitive stomachs and they are prone to stomach issues and vomiting.

We have fairly new rug installed in the den. And dog vomit is not kind to new rug. Dog vomit is usually this mustard colour that stains quite easily.

My wife, Paula, jumps up and grabs a Kleenex in hopes of capturing the vomit before it hits the floor. Jack dodges left and right and backs up. He is not impressed. But my wife is persistent and keeps the Kleenex under Jack while he gags.

Then it happens. Jack vomits an entire stomach of dog food. It must be three quarters of a cup of creamy and goopy dog food that is covered in stomach bile. The wet and clumpy dog food covers the Kleenex which collapses from the weight of the vomit.

So there I am with a slice of pizza in my hand and I look down at Paula’s hand, covered in vomit. There is a pile of half digested dog food on the floor. And Paula looks up in disgust.

I laughed. It’s hard not too! It is the scene from a comedy episode. A good decision gone bad!

Quickly, I run for paper towels while Paula washes her hand and grabs our dog rug cleaner. It takes several trips to pick up the food from the floor in a paper towel to the waste bin. True love is cleaning up the vomit from your dog (or baby).

Eventually, we get the mess cleaned up as best as we can. Crisis averted and we have another funny story to tell. Or rather I do! Perhaps Paula would prefer if she was not reminded of that feeling she experienced sitting there in the den with a pile of dog vomit on her hand.

I managed to return and finish my last slice of pizza. It wasn’t easy but after my 30 kilometer training run, I’m super hungry! We have a good chuckle about it as I feed Jack a few morsels of treats to put something back in his stomach. I fill his dish with some soft food and he finishes that up and keeps it down.

No doubt, he managed to secure himself some human food the previous night at the launch party and it caught up with him. That’s life with dogs.

Lesson learned #7 from Sunday:
If your dog is about to throw up, just let it happen. Do not take a Kleenex and think that you are going to catch it. You have no idea what is coming out nor how much of it is coming out!

Wrap Up

Here is my affiliate link if you haven’t bought your copy of Run For Your Life yet:

The book is awesome. Get your copy today!

Also, if you have read the book, your review is so important to the authors and the publisher. You can go to the Amazon book site and submit a review, even if you received a signed copy from me.

Thanks for all of your support. I am on this new journey and loving it!

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