Hindsight is 2021 – Part 4

It’s hard to believe that I’m on Part 4 of this series. If you haven’t caught the first 3 parts, you can access them from my home page or click the links below:

  1. Part One
  2. Part Two
  3. Part Three

This post will finish up my Hindsight is 2021 series. I hope you enjoyed reading about my journey in 2021. There were many ups and downs. But overall, a great year! For my last post, I’ll talk about some new and recent passions; a couple of new passions that I picked up during the pandemic.

  1. Movember 2021
  2. Formula 1 racing
  3. Crypto
  4. Video games

Movember 2021

Movember was founded in 2003. My first Movember campaign was in 2010. Advocating for Men’s Health was really important to me. I haven’t been touched by prostrate cancer or testicular cancer, but the stats show that most men will be impacted by them.

That first campaign was pretty epic. I ran a double ‘Mo campaign with milestones. If I hit $1,000, I would cut my hair into a mohawk. If I hit $1,500, I would dye it purple. And my family, friends and co-workers jumped in and made it happen. Truth be told, I didn’t quite hit $1,500 but it was close enough.

I had a purple mohawk in 2010 just in time for Christmas. And we had a big vacation that year as well, so I had the purple mohawk for the entire vacation as well. Those are some classy looking vacation photos! I have to admit, I look pretty good with a mohawk!

In 2020, I got back into the Movember campaign. I ran a fun campaign and dedicated a chia-Dennis video to all of my supporters. I would start the month clean shaven on my face and a very short buzz on my head. So, no hair. My wife setup her studio and we took a picture of my head of hair and facial hair every day in November. It was super fun.

In 2021, with my new dedication to running, I once again ran a chia-Dennis campaign and I dedicated 1km of walking or running for every $10 donated to my campaign. I raised $1,500, which is amazing, and put in a lot of miles in November. I also filmed a dedication video to everyone who supported me and compiled them all into a 2021 YouTube video. Once again, super fun.

I also posted information on social media about men’s health, and filmed informational videos about prostrate and testicular cancer and men’s suicide rates. I’m really passionate about men’s mental health. So I really like that Movember is focusing on suicide support and men’s mental health moving forward!

Formula 1 Racing

I’ve never been a racing fan. I’ve watched the odd race or motorcycle racing, but generally I found watching cars drive one way around a circle for hours was boring. But Formula 1 racing changed all that. A buddy knew that I liked documentaries and suggested I watch Formula 1 Drive to Survive.

I started watching it in November; so this is a late entry to 2021. It didn’t take long for me to get hooked on the racing documentary. The documentary not only focuses on Formula 1 Racing but the teams, drivers and people involved in the racing. Soon, you have a favorite team or favorite driver as the Netflix crew follows them around with a camera.

But would I like actual racing? I mean, lots of sports are pretty exciting if you just watch the highlights. I was a little nervous before watching my first race: November 14 in Brazil.

And YES I DID! I loved it. I caught the end of the season in 2021. The two top drivers were in a dead heat for best driver of the year. Lewis Hamilton won the first 3 races that I watched and stormed back to tie up the driver standings with one race to go. The races were exciting with lots of action. And because of the Netflix special, I knew most of the teams and personnel already. That really makes the experience! The season ended in a very dramatic way! SPOILER ALERT – just kidding. Watch it or look it up if you don’t know how it ended!

In short, I’m a new F1 Racing fan and even looked into attending an event this year. That’ll have to wait for the future. But I can’t wait for the new Drive to Survive series to come out on Netflix reviewing this season and then the start of the 2022 season in March.


Crypto is another late entry into 2021. During a project meeting, while getting to know a new team member, he talked about his activity with crypto currency. He also offered to provide me with a brief zoom meeting to kick off my education.

I really enjoyed the concept of crypto but didn’t know anything about it. So I started looking into it. I started to do my research. I watched YouTube. There is a ton of crypto content out there. It’s very daunting. And I apologize if I don’t get all of the lingo right. I’m learning!

My friend helped me with my first setup. I created my first crypto account with Coinsquare; a leading Canadian site for crypto exchange. I also set up an account with Binance; a big crypto exchange with a huge variety of crypto for sale. After some research,

I also found Coinsmart; another Canadian crypto exchange with more crypto available than Coinsquare. I wanted a Canadian exchange where I could invest with out transferring and incurring extra fees, so Coinsmart is my main exchange for now.

I learned all about the pain of setting up a virtual account:

  1. You’ll need pictures of a Driver’s License, both the front and the back.
  2. You might need a copy of a utility bill at the address that matches your DL.
  3. I had to use my camera for facial recognition on one site.
  4. Passwords are super secure and most crypto accounts have pass phrases that you have to write down for password recovery.

I also learned about buying and transferring crypto and fees:

  1. I bought Etherium from Coinsquare and paid fees.
  2. I transferred the Etherium to Binance and paid fees.
  3. I bought Polygon/Matic with that Eterium on Binance and paid fees.
  4. And then I watched the prices go up and down and up and down; just like the rest of the market!

Yes, there are a lot of fees for crypto that I’m just learning about. The fees, as far as I can tell, are for the processing power to complete your transaction. These sites offer you services, and you pay for them with 1-time fees. Most of the newer cryptos are trying to give you more processing for less fees. It’s similar to banking fees with less restrictions.

There are a ton of keywords out there about crypto, and each of them have pages of information on the internet and videos all over YouTube:

  • Fiat – crypto fancy term for cash-money
  • Blockchain
  • Bitcoin & Etherium are the most popular crypto.
  • Wallets & cold storage
  • NFT – nonfungible token
  • Gas fees
  • DeFI – decentralized finance
  • Play to earn
  • QuadrigaCX – a bad Canada crypto story; so do your research!
  • And more!

DO NOT assume that I’m any kind of expert on crypto. I’m not. I’m in the initial discovery phase. I’m overwhelmed but having fun. It’s new! It’s exciting! It’s scary! It’s immense! Learning is fun. And that’s what I’m doing…learning!

I have a small portfolio after following crypto for a few months. I decided to track a number of different funds and put a little aside each month for fun. My portfolio current exists of:

  • Matic Polygon – a fund that my friend suggested.
  • Cardano ADA – a fund that I researched.
  • Etherium – one of the main two funds and leader in NFTs and key crypto in my new play to earn game Gods Unchained.

Both Matic and Cardano are doing some really new and exciting things in the crypto world. The market is on a bit of a slide, so it’s a great time to do some investigation and start investing. The crypto world is full of great referral bonuses. So if you are interested, please contact me for a referral link. I’m also happy to have a little chat about it if you’re interested.

Crypto has this concept of play to earn. Crypto games reward you for playing their game. Most crypto games have their own crypto currency that they “pay” you for playing their game. This can have value if you collected enough and sold it. Most of these games have a trading mechanism that you can buy & sell objects, thus “making” money.

I started playing Gods Unchained. It’s basically a crypto version of Hearthstone. It looks like I got in just into the Beta period. So I lost out on some early alpha rewards. But I’m still getting into the game quite early. There is a 25 game reward tournament every weekend and players are rewarded with packs of cards based on your win total in your first 25 games. I already have a few cards that appear to have a lot of value in the market.

It’s difficult to describe it, but I own the digital assets. If I decide to quit the game, I can sell my collection for Etherium. I have currently earned 15 GODS tokens that are valued at $2.80; so I’ve made $40 US playing so far! It’s really not that much, but it’s fun being “paid” to play a game. I’ve only started to scratch the surface of what is available.

Phew! Are you as overwhelmed now as I am?!? There is so much to take in. I guess the key is that I’m having fun and learning about this crypto world. I’m even thinking about trying to develop and release my own NFT this year, just for fun. Would you want to own a little digital piece of me???? Let me know if you have any ideas in the comments. I have a few, so stay tuned!

Video games

I spent a lot of time playing video games, both with friends and by myself. I enjoy playing games. And there were a couple of fun games released in 2021 that I enjoyed.

  • Gods Unchained – I started playing in November. I’m still playing.
  • Valheim – A Norse adventure game that I played with friends. I’m waiting for some new content to jump back in.
  • New World – A MMORPG that I played with friends released by Amazon.
  • Dota Underlords – Auto-chess or auto-battler.
  • Magic the Gathering Online
  • Stranded Deep – An island hopper survival game.
  • Oculus VR – Mostly zombie killing games and puzzle games. My favorite VR game is The Room VR – A Dark Matter. But I also love the Walking Dead VR game and Beat Saber. I took a bit of a break from VR, but hope to return soon.

There is a good mix of games there. I really like card games like Gods Unchained and MTGO. I love collector games, where you go on an adventure and collect resources to improve your camp and character. And I always love a good RPG adventure game.

We’ll see what’s in store for 2022!


I feel I had a lot of learning lessons in 2021 that I shared in part 1-3. I also had a lot of fun and made the most of the free time I had during the pandemic. I did activities that I felt comfortable and felt safe with. I did a ton of outdoor activities. I improved my health and finished my first marathon. I played a lot of games and spent a lot of time on my computer. I also watched a ton of Netflix!

There are many things that I can say that suck about 2021; most of all COVID sucks! But I’d like to remember the good that came of it. And I can see that COVID changed my life forever in such a great way. I have my sobriety. I have my new passion for fitness and running! I’m enjoying video games again in a healthy way. I’m taking care of my physical and mental health by enjoying golf, running, meditation and time with my professional care team. Some of my relationships have really strengthened thru this time and others were put to the test and survived.

I really embraced working from home and made the most of it. I don’t know if I can ever go back to commuting. I prefer my current commute. I wake up in the morning, make myself a coffee, and jump on the treadmill for a 5km walk!

It’s not always easy to see the good that life delivers. It’s not all sunshine and roses. There are many days that I feel unlucky or cursed or mad at myself about a bad decision. But I’d like to think that generally speaking, I’m a more positive person coming into 2022 and I like my prospects.


If I had any solid advice for you, it’s this:

  1. Write 3 things that you are grateful for every day.
  2. Write 3 things that happened to you every day that were great!
  3. Do to others as you would like them to do to you. – Luke 6:31
  4. Do to yourself as you would do to others. – Dennis 4:4

I mean, we can’t all have perfect days, but so many times, we miss the great! Or we treat ourselves or others badly. So, what do you think about 2022? What are you looking forward to in 2022? What are the best things that happened to you in 2022?

Thanks for reading and sharing in my Hindsight is 2021 series. I really hope you enjoyed this time with me.

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