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This is a follow up to my last post on Bad days happen. I had a bad day a week ago and shared some of my thoughts. Thanks to all of my family and friends for your support. I received a lot of encouraging messages from you.

The thing is that I could have easily had a similar day or days since then. But instead, I leaned on my coping mechanisms, I learned from the last bad day, and I replaced bad habits with good habits. I think the key to change is incorporating good habits and learning about yourself when bad habits creep in.

I thrive on good habits. Without them, I’m a little lost.

  1. Long run Sunday is a good habit. Every Sunday, I wake up and plan out a long run for the day. The last couple of weeks have been tough. I’ve started my runs a little late, but the habit kept me going. I managed 21kms and 13kms on the last 2 Sundays.
  2. I replaced drinking alcohol with grabbing different beverages. Now, even on a bad day, I go for an Arnold Palmer, Coke Zero, Bubly or water. It’s a habit. I don’t even think about grabbing alcohol.
  3. During the pandemic I replaced my morning commute with walking on the treadmill with my coffee, every weekday. Even on recovery Mondays, I get 4-5km every morning on the treadmill. It’s such a great way to start every day.
  4. Golfing on Saturdays even thru the winter. Saturday morning is golf. I have a golf buddy and all summer we golf on Saturdays. Then in the winter, we continued our trend with virtual golf. The routine is awesome and I get to keep my golfing muscles engaged all year. I also get to see a couple of my golfing buds every week!
  5. I walk with a buddy at noon every day. Some days don’t work out but we walk almost every day. In the past, if we missed a walk, I would each lunch and watch YouTube. Instead, I’m hitting the rower or elliptical downstairs and getting in another work out.
  6. Making my own lunch! I’ve always tried to limit the amount of times that I order out for lunch. I used to try to eat out a max of two times a week, but usually limited to once (Subway or Mr. Donair). The key to this is always making sure that your fridge is stocked with lunch foods. My lunch hasn’t changed much over the years: ham sandwich (backups: peanut butter or bologna), veggies, and an apple. Maybe a nut bar for a snack. This just keeps a healthy eating habit.
  7. Meditating 3-4 times a week. This really helps me keep my calm, helps me manage anger, and generally staying calmer every day. Without it, I feel I’m really irritable.
  8. Flossing after lunch ever day, even if I don’t need it. I used to be one of those people that never flosses. I buy packages of dental sticks and put one down beside my lunch. I’ve created a good habit of doing it after lunch. I floss almost every day, and I get glowing reviews from my dentist.

If you are struggling with something, think about a good habit that you can use to replace a bad habit or to help yourself. Here are some ideas:

  1. Problems sleeping – Make sure you have a good bedtime habit. Go to bed early enough. Turn off your devices in the evening and don’t “check” social media just before bed. Read a book for 1/2 hour before bed. Or try meditating for 10 minutes. It really helps calm my mind and get my body ready for sleep.
  2. Problems with alcohol – Replace booze with another drink that you like. Try alternating between an alcoholic drink and water. Try taking weeknights off. Try to only drink socially. Heck…just take one night off.
  3. Problems with food – The key for me is to have healthy food handy that I love. It’s much easier to make good decisions. I also have some set meals: in the morning it’s cereal or oatmeal, for lunch it’s a sandwich, veggies and a fruit. If I stick to these, eating healthy is a lot easier.
  4. Problems with exercise – Plan for a walk a day. Make plans to walk with someone. Put some weights close to wear you watch tv. Put exercise equipment where you watch tv or put a tv where you exercise. You can start small and build up. When I started walking in the mornings, I was only doing 20-30 mins but now I’m walking 5kms almost every morning. I had to adjust my alarm to wake up earlier every day, but it’s worth it.

Bad Habits

Well, I still have some bad habits that are hard to break. I mean, no one is perfect right??!!

  1. I bite my nails. I get bored, or nervous. I’ve been pretty good lately, mostly picking at one nail. But I noticed over the last week, that I’ve started to bite them more. This is partially related to the fact that I hate nail clippers. That’s a long story for another day though!
  2. I eat chips and candy at night as a snack. I love chips! I can’t seem to give this up.
  3. Meditating at the end of the night instead of making time for it during the day. It’s great I’m doing it, but I think it would be better if I didn’t wait until bed time to do it.
  4. Playing video games before I’ve done something productive each day. Maybe this is nitpicking on myself, but if I get lost in a video game, I might not do anything else. And every day, there are other hobbies, and housework that must be done.

Changing a bad habit also requires will power and desire. These are 4 items that I really have a hard time tackling!

What bad habits do you have and what can you do to change that? I hope this post helped you think about some of your bad habits and how you can turn them around with a new good habit!

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  1. Hey, we share good and bad habits! I for one try to incorporate good habits as a daily habit, so that it sticks more for me. And freaking chips, man. Gah. Just bought a new jumbo pack, and I’ll have to finish this before I can start my no-chips plan, lol.

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