February Favorites – 2

I thought February Favorites would be an easy task for the month, but it’s harder than I thought would be to come up with lists of favorite things. It’s because I put too much thought into the topic; it’s not actually easy for me.

I hope you enjoyed my February Favorites – 1 which featured my top sports, teams and players.

February Favorites – 2 will focus on: my wife. It’s Valentine’s Day and this post is dedicated to my wife. Instead of flowers, you get a blog post with poems!

Paula selfie – 2022

Poem # 1 to my wife:

You are so caring, And beautiful I can’t stop staring.

You have a big heart, You laugh when I fart.

You love your dogs, Even in bed where they are hogs.

You work out in VR, On the Quest 2 you are a blur.

You love to take a selfie, You always look fancy.

You are selfless in spirit, To that you commit.

You are a great friend, In this you will not bend.

You are a great wife, We are together for life.

Dennis 2022
Winter Walk Day 2021

Poem #2 to my wife:

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

On winter walk day,

We froze! I love you!

Dennis 2022

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just a regular day, same as yesterday and same as tomorrow. You should love your significant other every day. You should treat them awesome every day. You know what’s better than flowers on Valentine’s Day, flowers on any other day, just because!

But also, if Valentine’s Day is important to your spouse, it should be important to you; because they are important to you. I’ve been known to be a little lacking in the sentimental side of things when it comes to wrapping paper, cards, and flowers. I’m quite happy wrapping a present in the bag it came from and using a sharpie marker to say “To and From”. I’d like to think that I show my love in other ways. But once in a while I surprise my wife with flowers, or I’ll get a card.

Love your spouse. Treat them well. Support them. Sacrifice for them. Do it every day.

Tonight we’re eating leftovers with fancy cupcakes for dessert and then a nice, quiet evening together: tv & hot tub. That’s perfect! That’s love.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my wife and to all!

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