February Favorites – 1

I thought I’d kick off February Favorites with sports, sports teams and players. It’s a pretty easy category but some of my favorites might surprise you!

1. Golf

First off, is golf. It’s a sport that I love to play and love to watch on tv. I’ve been a golfer since a very early age. I’ve always been good but not great. By default, I’m a bogey golfer with a bad slice. I’ve teamed up with numerous coaches throughout the years to improve that. And I’ve finally started to make improvements with my current coach. The last couple of years have had lots of ups and downs but I’m starting to shoot in the low 80s and a few rounds in the 70s. I’m finally feeling the potential in my swing that I always wanted.

And as every year starts anew, once again, I have the hope of an excellent year of golf. I’ve always worked a ton on my mental game to make sure that I find the fun in golf and being outside even on a bad day on the course.

I was lucky enough to get paired up with Kevin Martin on course!

Favorite golfers:

  • Tiger Woods – He’s the greatest!
  • Mike Weir – My favorite Canadian golfer. Love his swing!
  • Jack Nicklaus – He’s the 2nd greatest and classy guy!
  • Brooke Henderson – My favorite female golfer.
  • Bryson DeChambeau – I love the way that he approaches the game with science.

2. Hockey

Hockey is a sport that I watch more than participate. I played hockey for a short time and even took skating lessons until I broke my ankle during a practice. Also, ice times are brutal and I lost interest in staying up late on a Sunday night to play hockey only to start off my week on Monday morning totally exhausted.

I’ve always loved watching hockey. I grew up in a small WHL hockey town. Some NHL players went to the same school as I did or at least grew up in the same small town. I just really enjoy a great hockey game.

The pups don’t love the Oilers as much as I do. Or they just hate wearing sweaters!

Favorite hockey teams:

  • Edmonton Oilers – My home town team!
  • Montreal Canadiens – My first NHL team that I cheered for until I moved to Edmonton.
  • Medicine Hat Tigers – My home town WHL team. I grew up in Medicine Hat. The Tigers were loaded in my high school years winning championships in 1987 and 1988. I was in the same town as guys like: Trevor Linden, Mark Fitzpatrick, Murray Craven, and Chris Osgood.

Favorite hockey players:

  • Connor McDavid – I mean who doesn’t love this guy! Electric!
  • Ryan Nugent Hopkins – My first Oiler jersey with a name on it. I love the ‘Nuge!
  • Guy Lafleur – He was an effortless skater and his hair flowed on the ice.
  • Patrick Roy – The best goalie ever!

3. Formula 1 Racing

I talked about F1 Racing in my Hindsight is 2021 series Part 4. It’s a new sport that I started following late last year and absolutely loved. I’m not sure that I’ve watched enough to have any favorites yet. Both the Mercedes and Red Bull teams are run by great and passionate teams and they battled all year.

I definitely appreciate the skill with which Lewis Hamilton drives his car. I also appreciate the skill and aggressiveness of Max Verstappen. And I like underdogs Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren) and Esteban Ocon (Alpine). Overall, I’d have to say that I’m cheering for Red Bull to start.

Red Bull 2022 car.

I can’t wait for the 2022 season to start!!

4. Hurling

I suppose it’s a weird sport for a Canadian to love. But I spent some time in Ireland and fell in love with hurling. It’s a popular sport over there. It’s hard to describe what it is since it’s a mixture of many games.

  • Lacrosse
  • Field hockey
  • Baseball

I found a site with a decent explanation of the rules and a decent intro video. You can find it here.

From that site, here is a brief description of the game: Hurling is a fast-paced Irish stick sport played on a field. It is played between two teams, with 15 players either side, in two 35 minute halves. The objective of the game is to progress the ball up the field to score one of two ways through an H-shaped goal post: in the net for 1 goal (worth 3 points) or through the upright posts for 1 point.

Galway in hurling action from the Irish Mirror – irishmirror.ie.

Go Galway!!!

5. UFC

I still have a love for UFC. Pre-pandemic, we would have UFC parties for fight night. I built fight cards and even built my own leather UFC Championship Belt for the winner. At some point in time, UFC got boring. PPV prices went up. Less people wanted to watch. And thus the cost for entertainment became to high. I’ll still watch the occasional free Fight Night and maybe in the future I’ll rent another PPV.

Custom made leather UFC Championship belt!

Favorite UFC fighters:

  • GSP – The best Canadian UFC fight of all time.
  • Royce Gracie – The sport started in UFC #1 with him and his family. The sport was truly no rules back then.
  • The list of loved fighters is pretty small. UFC is actually a sport where it’s easier to dislike fighters. And there is a long list of those. But I’m not going to go there.

6. Dog Sports

I’ve participated in a lot of dog sports. I haven’t done much with my dogs during the pandemic. And there isn’t too much on tv. If there was, I would probably watch it. Jack loves to watch it too!

One of the local agility events that Jack and I competed at hosted by Dynamo Dogsports.

Here are my favorite dog sports:

  • Agility – Jack and I had so much fun doing this.
  • Trick Training – I took a course with Kyra Sundance. I’m a certified trick trainer but never did anything with it, other than have fun with Jack. We really enjoy training and learning new things.
  • Scent Training – This was the last sport we tried and then the pandemic hit. Maybe I’ll go back to it one day because it was a lot of fun. Jack loves sniffing!
  • Rally Obedience – We tried this once.
  • Canine Good Neighbour – Jack and I passed this course. We’re certified as a good neighbour!
  • Barn Dog – We went to one night of this and Jack loved it. But I’m allergic to hay, and it took me 3 days to recover from a 1 hour training session.

7. Other sports

There are other sports that I’ll follow and enjoy. But I don’t watch them much.

  • CFL and NFL football – Mostly around playoffs.
  • MLB – Mostly around playoffs, and usually only Blue Jay ball.
  • NCAA Basketball – I love March Madness!
  • NBA – Mostly around playoffs, and usually only Raptors ball.
  • Curling – I don’t watch much of this anymore, but occasionally I’m in the mode.
  • Tennis – Mostly around finals, especially if a Canadian makes news in a major.
  • Olympics – Usually only if the games are in a North American time zone. Otherwise, I find coverage too frustrating to watch. I prefer Winter over Summer, but I do enjoy a lot of track and field events.
  • Soccer – I find soccer boring to watch, but I have to admit that I’m very intrigued by the current Canada team and have watched a tiny bit of the qualifying games. It’s exciting to think that Canada might be in the World Cup.

And there you have it. This is my special edition February Favorites – 1 on sports. I hope you enjoyed it. For the most part, if a Canadian is in the news, I’m likely to tune in to see what’s happening. Otherwise, I stick to watching golf, hockey and F1.

What sports do you love? Did I miss your favorite?

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