Dennis on the Run – Book Waitlist Club!

Book Waitlist Club!

It is happening. My planned release date for my book is September 27, 2024. That is less than four months away! I decided to kick off a book waitlist club. I know it’s a little early, but I plan to give you inside access into my last four months of preparation.

You’ll get access to information like:

  • How did I select my title?
  • How did I build my cover?
  • Am I planning to roll out with any companion notebooks or journals?
  • Will I have any launch parties for the public?
  • And more!!

Want to know how my title changed from ‘Dennis on the Run – A Sobering Journey of Lasting Change’ to ‘Dennis on the Run – A Men’s Survival Guide to Lasting Change’? If it changes again, do you want to know why?

You will need to join my book waitlist club. This information will not be published on my regular blog. This is inside access to my process and thinking!

I will be sending you a bi-weekly update email with details on the final days of my writing journey as an author.

I will also be offering my book waitlist club access to Dennis on the Run swag draws on my September 27-29 weekend. I’m planning to have lots of goodies ready to go by the end of September. If you live out of town, I’ll ship them to you…free of charge!

Currently, I’m planning to do one draw for every 100 people that signup. But I could change this formula depending on how many people signup.

This email list will be separate from my blog subscriber list. I’ll focus on book only topics from now until launch day!

This is exclusive.

You will be joining my Dennis on the Run – VIP team.

Dennis on the Run – Notebooks

I am planning to release a Dennis on the Run – Notebook with my book launch. 

I’m currently working on a number of different covers with purple and some distress patterns.

These are just concepts for now. It’s still a work in progress.

When I read a book, I love homework and a to-do list. It’s how I learn. It is important that my book has a homework section. So I plan on releasing a companion notebook so that you can take notes while reading through my book and complete the homework!

This is just a teaser of the type of information that I’ll be sending you as part of my Book waitlist club!

Let me know which cover you like the best. Just click on each notebook, if needed, to see the entire cover, and tell me in the comments!

You have a chance to be part of the process in selecting my notebook cover!

How do I signup?

I’m glad you asked. I have set up a simple landing page. Just go to the link and provide your First Name and email address.

That’s it!

I will only send you information related to my upcoming book, and book launches.

You will be part of the first members of the Dennis on the Run – Book waitlist.

You are a VIP member. You’ll get access to information and swag that no one else gets.

If you are already a subscriber, you’ll still need to join my waitlist to get these benefits. But you don’t want to miss out!

I will send you information/links to join Team Dennis and get access to my blogs and postcard Fridays. I also have information coming out this month on my free Healthy Living Guideline going out to my regular subscribers. But I’ll keep it light and no pressure.

This is a Book Waitlist signup ONLY!

The Dennis on the Run – Book Waitlist is going to be fun!

Okay, I’m ready!!

Can you tell that I’m excited about this?

It is happening! I am less than four months away from publishing my book. I started this journey in September 2023.

It has been a long and hard process for me. I have spent countless evenings and weekends writing with tears in my eyes.

I have spent time looking inwards, into my soul, figuring out what I want to share with you.

This is my life. It has meaning. I want to share my experiences and stories with you. And along the way, I hope that we can all grow together.

Okay, fine, you get it, you just want the link already. I should have provided you a link earlier but I want you to get excited with me and for me!

You can click on the Join My Waitlist picture above, it should open a window and take you to the sign up page. 

You can also click on the button below!!


Wrap Up

I appreciate you! I appreciate your support.

This is one heck of a journey I’m on and I want to share more details with you.

I want you to walk along with me in this journey.

Let’s do this together!!!

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  1. I like the fourth one best with the first one a close second. Depending on the book cover and if you want the notebook to reflect it. Just my thoughts.

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