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It’s end of October, and snowy weather has hit Edmonton. It’s been cold for a couple of weeks now. Outdoor golf is finished. Outdoor cycling is finished. I’m indoors working out. it’s time for hibernation season.

As October comes to a close and we enter into early Winter, I have a couple of big announcements to share. I’m a busy boy!


For the third year in a row, I’m running a Movember campaign to increase the awareness of men’s health, prostrate cancer and suicide prevention. Movember is a great organization. And it’s my main fundraising campaign for the year.

From the Movember site – If you spot a friend whose behavior is out of character, it’s important to check in with them – it might just save their life.

Once again, I’m running a fitness awareness campaign. For every $10 donated, I’ll do 10 minutes of walk, run, cycle, elliptical or row. My fundraising goal is $1,500. So I’m dedicated to 1,500 minutes of workouts in November, which is 25 hours. Almost 1 hour a day!

In addition, I’ll be running my usual chia-Movember. I’ll shave my head and face of all hair. You’ll be able to watch it grow all month in my weekly updates.

I have another exciting bit of news to share. I have a Movember – Check Your Balls t-shirt for sale in my Etsy shop. $1 from each purchase will be donated to Movember this month. (see below)

You can access my Movember site here and donate to my campaign. I’m hoping to extend my streak of raising $1,500 to a third year in a row.

Movember link:


I’m excited to announce that I’ve opened an Etsy store. I can share my journey with you.

For a long time, I bought a ton of graphic t-shirts. It’s all I wore. Graphic tees with clever sayings, Star Wars t-shirts, super hero t-shirts, cartoons, and whiskey/drinking t-shirts. I always wanted to start a t-shirt business but it always looked too complicated and required quite a bit of equipment to start.

Then I found print on demand thru YouTube. Bear with me, as I replay how I got here.

  1. I signed up for an opportunity to write a chapter in a local AB-supported book called Run For Your Life. My proposed chapter would be a mini version of my journey through COVID to sobriety.
  2. I started looking into writing my own book because of that opportunity. This put Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) onto my browsing and YouTube (YT) history.
  3. YT started to suggest KDP content including ways of using KDP to make money using low content books and colouring books. I watched a few of these videos. I started to think I could roll out a Dennis on the run journal with my book next year.
  4. Colouring book videos introduced me into AI generated graphics using Midjourney. So I tried that out and it was really fun. You enter a set of criteria and the bot spits out four images for you that try to match your prompts. It’s much like trying to Google something complex. You might have to tweak your search terms to find what you need. Each update/change provides you a different answer/image.
  5. Then YT started showing me print on demand t-shirt videos. And it happened to use the same design application (Canva) that colouring books did. And so I jumped into it.
  6. Over the last two weeks, I slowly worked on some designs with Canva, built the on-demand printing with Printify and opened my Etsy shop last week with 12 designs, including a Movember design using my Movember NFT balls!
  7. The shop is focused on sobriety-based content for now. As a former drinker, I loved these kinds of shirts. But I see a real lack of sobriety content out there. So I thought I would start with that.
  8. I’m looking into dog-based, fitness-based and golf content next for t-shirts. And maybe a Dennis on the run themed shirt.

Etsy store link:

Run For Your Life

I might have mentioned this before, but I’ll repeat and give you an update.

I’ve been selected to write a chapter for a local AB-produced book focused on stories from Alberta long distance runners. We had a kick off meeting in mid-October. There are approximately 12-14 other contributors to the book.

Since then, I’ve been working hard on my chapter and had some cool experiences:

  1. I wrote my chapter for the book, which is a mini-version of my own book.
  2. I went thru first and second editing of my writing. This was my first time ever going through editing. It was interesting to see my story through their eyes. Each editor had a different viewpoint and suggested different changes.
  3. I have submitted my changes for final editing. I’m exciting to see the final suggestions for my chapter.

My chapter is nearly complete. At this point, I wouldn’t expect any major rewrites or changes to the content. Perhaps I’ll see some small changes like punctuation, verb tense or word selection.

I’m super proud of what I have contributed. I can’t wait to see the book designed and see all of our content combined into a book. It’s an exciting time.

Through this opportunity, I’m also getting a chance to attend a virtual class called From Author to Iconic hosted by Visibility on Purpose. This is an another exciting opportunity to learn about how I can establish my brand and how I can handle media exposure and public relations. Cool!

Thanks to my publisher Larissa with Next Page Publishing for providing me with this awesome opportunity!

Leather working

My career of leather working is officially over. My last blog One Semester actually talked about maybe selling my leather gear. That opportunity came quicker than I expected. In short, the leather crafting gear is gone…sold to a friend. The stars aligned and I was able to sell my gear to someone who wants to carry the leather crafting torch.

I had an amazing couple of years of working with leather and I created some amazing pieces. I now have an open space where my leather station sat. But, I’m too busy to add anything more to my plate this winter. My schedule is full!


Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, right? Sometimes it’s hard to see “why” something has happened. Sometimes you just have to acknowledge an event happened and there isn’t a reason. Shit just happens.

Truthfully, I already had enough lemons, and lemonade, I don’t need more.

Last week, my wife broke her main-hand humerus bone in a fall. It’s a painful injury. We spent 8 hours in hospital emergency. I wish it was faster, but we received good care, and we couldn’t see what else was happening in the hospital. The staff was incredibly professional. Still, it would have been nice to get an x-ray earlier in the process. We waited 6 hours for the x-ray and were gone “shortly” after that once the doctors knew that it was a break.

It sucks! She’s lost the use of her main arm for weeks, can’t work for 2 weeks minimally, can’t drive…She is not supposed to move her arm, just let it dangle and have gravity do the healing. Her arm is in a sling. It’s awful sitting next to her knowing that I cannot ease the pain. Everything that I take for granted every day is more difficult.

  • Getting pills out of a pill bottle is harder, so you just leave the caps off. But this runs the risk of spilling pills everywhere by accident.
  • Showers with only one good arm are a struggle.
  • Getting dressed is a challenge.
  • Going to the bathroom is harder.
  • Carrying anything up and down stairs is dangerous.
  • She has to sit in a recliner, she’s not allowed to lie down. So sleeping is difficult.
  • And managing the dogs is harder. They want to cuddle and don’t understand why they can’t lean up against her like they always do.

Of course it could’ve been worse. I hate that saying. Unless you’re dead, it can always be worse.

Looking on the bright side. Of course, we’re lucky and blessed to receive excellent medical care and painkillers. And since it was a work event, it’s all handled thru WCB. So work and WCB are supporting her through this injury. And I work from home, so it’s easier for me to help Paula if she needs it.

Anyway, shit happened and we’re managing. We appreciate all of the kind direct messages, emails and texts of support. The next few weeks are going to be busy and a little stressful.

Wrap up – TLDR (too long didn’t read)

Movember campaign – donate:

Etsy store – buy shirts:

Run For Your Life:
Will be published in early 2024. Stay tuned for more details.

My wife broke her arm. We’re managing.

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