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How do you feel when there is a change in your routine?

Change in Routine Talk about a big change in my routine. Last year, I signed a contract with Next Page Publishing to write a book. I had no idea at the time how much my life would change. I have been writing my book since last September. First, I started with planning materials with my coach such as: ideal reader, vision, mission and an outline. This work would set the stage for my chapters and my content. My life over the last eleven months has been turned upside down. I estimate that I have been working on my book 10-15 hours per week. I figure I have spent 600 hours writing my book in the last year. That’s a part-time job. It was a little easier in the winter as I replaced video games with a writing routine instead. But this spring, I hit burnout. I got really sick in April and May of this year. I am working full-time. And I was training for a marathon. Through it all, I maintained my regular social media and blog cadence. Then I added golf 2-3 times a week over the last two months. It has been busy! Eventually, I needed to

Going back to where it all started – day 1 of sobriety

Back to the start It can be really hard some days to go back to that day on December 18, 2020…the day that I quit drinking. It’s hard because on the one hand, I’m not that person anymore, but on the other hand, that person is still inside of me. Going back to the start brings back all of the emotions of the incident and my troubled life. If you are just following along now, you will not be familiar with the incident. The incident happened on a night on December 17, 2020. I was drunk and hanging out online with some friends. My drinking was out of control. I lashed out at a friend that night and told him to “F*ck off!”. The next morning when I called him, he said “we weren’t okay”. I found myself on the floor, curled up in a ball, crying. I lost my best friend. Even though I considered myself healthy and successful, in truth, I had hit rock bottom in my life. I don’t think that the incident will ever be normalized for me. The incident and my subsequent sobriety is my story. I’m writing a book about it. It is a

I forgot to pack underwear – Golf Trip Part 2

Unprepared I wasn’t ready for this trip and thus I didn’t give myself the best chance to fully enjoy the trip. Let me share what happened in the weeks leading up to the trip. You can find Part 1 here. I was totally exhausted. I’ve been running myself into exhaustion. I finally realized it a couple of weeks before this trip but I didn’t have enough time to rest up before the trip was upon me. Between writing my book, blogging, social media, golf, work, running, being sick and not getting enough rest, my life got too busy. And rather than deal with it, I just told myself it was a busy time in life and I needed to push through it. Being too busy caught up with me. I had to start prioritizing some rest and better sleeping habits. I needed to spend less time on social media posting updates and content. And, I had to take a little time off from writing and editing my book. I had hit a bit of a wall and I was struggling where to take my vision for the book. Thankfully, I realized all of this and made some changes in my

My golf trip was nearly ruined – Part 1

Golf Trip to Radium I play virtual golf over the winter with three buddies. Every Saturday we meet up and play 27 holes or so. It’s great…we get out of the house and keep our golf muscles active all winter. This winter, we talked about booking a summer trip for mountain golf. Surprisingly, it came together very quickly after we all committed to going. We chatted about it back in March and ended up booking a trip for the end of June. Our foursome grew as one of the friends was going to bring his wife. We had 5 golfers which isn’t ideal. So we increased our group size to 8 golfers. That meant we had to find two tee times together at the courses we wanted to play and had to find 2 houses to rent. Luckily, we have a couple of planners in the group! Thanks for that! We ended up with 8 golfers (6 men, 2 women) and 9 people total. 4 days – 4 courses We had a busy weekend planned. Leave Edmonton early Friday morning. Stop in Cochrane to play The Links of GlenEagles. Finish the drive to Radium and check in for the night.


Hi, I’m Dennis. It has always been a dream of mine to write a book. With hard work and determination, dreams can come true.

I am a newly published author in Run For You Life – Lessons Learned From Going the Distance. Run For Your Life launches on March 15, 2024 and is available on Amazon for purchase. Click my affiliate link below to buy the book now!

It is a wonderful book written by Albertans with unique stories about how running has changed our lives. I’m thrilled to be a part of this initiative with so many special people. I am so proud of this accomplishment for our group.

Run For Your Life touches on topics of mental health, disability, and sobriety. The collection of stories will leave you laughing, crying and dreaming of the possibilities that running can bring!

I am also in the process of writing my own book to be published in Fall 2024. The book will feature a more expansive view of my sobriety journey and touch on many topics you will find me blog about such as self awareness, journaling, gratitude, mindfulness, meditation, mantras, professional support network and many more topics! I am thrilled about sharing my journey with you.

“Completing a marathon is the toughest thing I have ever done in my life. Nothing else compares. It is physical, mental and spiritual.”


Dennis on the Run started as a blog in January of 2022. I turned 50 in 2022 and I wanted to share my journey of sobriety with you. I am more than three years sober now and my adventures with sobriety, running, walking, cycling, mediation, mindfulness, and so much more have taken me to new heights! I am in my third year of blogging and I continue to post monthly bringing you tales and stories from my life with inspirational content of how you can live a healthier life. Subscribe to my blog today to stay in touch and read more about my experience on becoming an author and publishing my own book.